Previous activities


  • Open rehearsal of ‘Com qui sent ploure’

    21 September | 19:00

    Open rehearsal of the play with a post-function discussion on issues of environmental activism.

  • Open rehearsal of ‘NODI: de gossos i malditos’

    15 September | 19:00 - 20:00

    'NODI: de gossos i malditos' is a process of creating documentary self-fiction based on the figure of the maldito (as Pau Malvido called them), understood as the one who puts the established, the norm, in crisis.

  • Workshop with La Taimada

    6 September | 11:00 - 13:00

    Small introduction to Taimada's work through a two-hour workshop on presence and human sensuality. In the first hour we will work on the physical conditioning of the participants.

  • Salt en dansa

    23 July | 19:00

    The eighth edition of Salt en dansa is here, a show that is included in the programming of the Festes de Salt and with which the artists show art as a means of personal and social transformation.

  • Open rehearsal of ‘Plecs’ by Les Valkíries

    16 July | 19:00

    What is this new landscape that surrounds us? What happened to that landscape that surrounded us? The contemplation of what we have observed over and over again.

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