On April 3rd, the company La Corcoles begins a stay in Nau 2 of El Canal with its new project entitled ‘Carena‘. The company will be there for two months in a residence for creation and scenographic research and to do dramaturgical and choreographic work. The work is a co-production of El Canal and will premiere in October at the Ona Dance Festival.

The seed of ‘Carena’ began in 2015 with the discovery of the specialty of tightrope walking and its differentiating element: the “balancier“, the bar that the tightrope walkers hold in order to balance themselves when doing the traverses in height. ‘Carena’ is a waltz for two, a dialogue, a game, an oar, a spear, a relationship, a dependency, a complicity, a fight and an inevitable breakup. Sometimes a cumbersome burden, sometimes a weight held in the unconditional arms of a mother. Two loud voices, speechless. ‘Carena’ is the fine line that draws the meeting of these two sides of the abysses with their lights and their shadows.

The piece proposes a minimalist entrance staging with very clear and precise lines and an impressive height of six meters, looking for the minimum expression of the exposed lines to leave the maximum space in the void. The proposal revolves around the relationship between the performer and her element, a conversation with the other in the solitude of a public space.

The Cia. Corcoles is Mariona Moya, an artist specialized in balancing on a tightrope. After a 12-year career as an artist specializing in this discipline, with a very personal stamp, she stands out for her treatment and her way of understanding the body in the element of the cable and in the balancing discipline itself. Moya wants to continue researching and innovating in this discipline in order to develop his creative side on the scene.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
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