The Generalitat de Catalunya has granted a grant of more than 630,000 euros to the Center for the Creation of Performing Arts – El Canal de Salt for the period 2023-2025 which allows the consolidation of the project and the development of what is provided for in the management plan for this space artistic creation located in the Cultural Factory of La Coma Cros de Salt.
The director of El Canal, Xavier Díaz, is satisfied with the Catalan government’s support for the Salten creation center, as he understands that “with public support it allows us to develop what we envisioned in the management plan until 2025 and consolidate this creative center of performing arts in the regions of Girona and take steps to be a benchmark in the country”.
It should be borne in mind that the Center for the Creation of Performing Arts – El Canal de Salt has a budget that exceeds 2 million until 2025 and the subsidy from the Generalitat was key to adding to the contributions of other administrations such as the Diputació de Girona, the City Council of Salt and that of Girona or the own resources generated by the centre. Some money that should allow us to carry out the objectives set out in the management plan that was presented a year ago and where it was set to become a public facility of reference in Salt, in the Girona regions and in Catalonia to promote scenic creation and production of the urban area of Girona and all over the demarcation, as well as becoming a point of reference for the Girona professional fabric of the performing arts and also for the rest of Catalonia.
From the Saltenc center they say that, in terms of investments, with the current budget the next actions that will allow them to move forward will be the rehabilitation of the old house of the artist Marta Font to convert the second floor into accommodation for artists resident in El Canal and that it is planned to tender this 2024 and the project will begin to be developed to adapt a space in the Guixeres warehouses for the creation of the artistic discipline of the circus which should be carried out throughout 2025.
The Center for the Creation of Performing Arts – El Canal de Salt, due to the development of its support programs for creation and production, expects to receive around fifty residencies this year from companies from different artistic disciplines, that will develop their projects.
The mayor of Salt, Jordi Viñas, is happy that “the rest of the administrations also see the potential of the Center for the Creation of Performing Arts – El Canal de Salt and bet on it with the granting of important subsidies that must allow us to take steps forward so that the project ends up being a benchmark in Girona, but also a benchmark in the country in terms of artistic creation, a fundamental fact for Salt to continue growing in artistic benchmarks such as Temporada Alta or the same programming of the Theater of Salt”.

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