Atzucac Company

The Atzucac Company is formed by Dolça Alcanyís and Clàudia Vicens. Both are graduates in Performing Arts from the ERAM University School.

Dolça Alcanyís has a professional music degree specialized in violin and singing. Artistic creation has always been present in her life, she understands the theater as a disruptive space open to the questioning of social injustices and she is the singer of the musical group Estació Klezmer of Jewish music.

As for Clàudia Vicens, she has been an actress and singer with the Oriart Company (2017-2019) and the play El Cacau within the Gironí Theater Festival. In addition, she has been a radio contributor to the FeM Girona channel in the program La Tropa (2017) doing the activism section and musical performances with voice and guitar.

Entre polièster

Residency March 2022

“This delay that haunts us from day to day. The prevailing contradiction of noticing that, the more time we save, the more we lack. And this perpetual feeling of loss of time that permeates my skin and suffocates me”, Atzucac Company

Entre polièster is a work that carefully examines the world around us, it is a staging of the absurd, the game and the paradox that surrounds us, loaded with intelligent humor and that discovers the subtle treasures of everyday life. Dolça Alcanyís and Clàudia Vicens, the creators of the piece, consider drama and art as necessary in the face of a fragmented, accelerated world, a showcase of itself, of extreme dualities and polyestic relationships. Beauty, laughter and theater can save us from the lack of hugs.

The work alternates the word, the body, the object, music and visual poetry based on a kaleidoscopic dramaturgy. It stars two ambulatory characters with a calm gait and attentive gaze who carry their belongings in a shopping cart, thus distancing themselves from the culture of accumulation. Absurdity and humor are two constants of the work and allow the characters to reflect innocently and even unconsciously on topics such as time, loneliness, boredom, uncertainty or curiosity.

The scenography unfolds throughout the piece until it fills the stage with flower pots and stretched clothes. The sound design combines live vocals and guitar with recorded music and the light space claims the circular conception of time, linked to the passing of the seasons.

Dolça Alcanyís and Clàudia Vicens are the creators of the show Entre polièster. They have acted as playwrights, directors and interpreters of the play with the complicit gaze of Xicu Masó. Pau Iribarne designed the sound space, Víctor Figueroa Sans came up with the lighting and Martí Segura did the voiceover. Ismael Alcanyís took charge of the composition and interpretation with guitar, Abril Secchi of the video that accompanies the show and Marina Altimira Homet took charge of the communication. The show has also been carried out with the collaboration of the Faberllull cultural center in Olot.

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