The Center for the Creation of Performing Arts El Canal is part of the architectural ensemble La Factoria Cultural Coma Cros de Salt, a multicultural environment that brings together different social, cultural and educational entities in the same building. The center has three creation, production and rehearsal rooms for resident companies, exhibitions and other stage projects.

El Canal also has a hall at the entrance to host social events, a private meeting room for professionals, an archive, an underground warehouse, a technical room and six dressing rooms, all of them equipped with toilets, showers, a space of mirrors and dressing tables and a total capacity for about thirty people.

Finishing room – The Theater

The theater or finishing room is the main and largest space of El Canal. It is an ideal multipurpose space to finish polishing a creation, do sound and light tests and final rehearsals. The room is also used for exhibitions.

With about 450 square meters of surface, the room can be converted to all kinds of formats. It is equipped with a folding telescopic tribune and platforms and side bleachers can be assembled. With the tribune fully unfolded, the stage has a surface area of almost 200 square meters and its capacity reaches 286 people seated. With the tribune folded, the capacity is 900 people standing.

What stands out about this theater is the upper part, 8 meters high, which supports 24 motors that can move to any point and budge the hanging scenic elements. The room also has a technical balcony all around that allows you to access and walk around the room from the top.

Rehearsal room

Just renovated, the rehearsal room is a diaphanous space with a technical ceiling ideal for hosting creations that need a little more time. The room has the possibility of darkening the space but at the same time it has windows and natural light to be able to work. It is a smaller space but with a lot of potential: it has sound insulation and it is almost 200 square meters.

It is a room designed for rehearsals, but also for some small-format exhibition, as there is also a grandstand. The room is accessible through the main entrance of El Canal and also connects to the rest of the Coma Cros building.

Kropotkin room

Located in the attic area of the Coma Cros building, the Kropotkin room is a small format space, with a capacity of fifty-six people in chairs and is designed as a workplace for the most embryonic phase of the creation of a stage project.

It has the minimum technical means of lights and sound. Residences can be extended for up to two or three weeks and companies can use them independently and with free access within the established times.

The room has a platform to work on and a small stand to accommodate a small audience in the event of an open rehearsal or activity with public. It is a very bright work space, receives indirect natural light, is not air-conditioned and does not have the possibility of complete darkness.

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