As a Center for the Creation of Performing Arts, El Canal continues to work to support creation and live arts in the territory and to support production and offer space to artists so that they can experiment, create and develop their stage projects. For this reason, this month of May six companies will accompany us with their new works, still in the creation and experimentation phase. These companies are the following:

La Bleda is a theater-clown company for all audiences, born in 2001 by its creators, Helena Escobar and Pere Hosta. Now they are working on Pas a pas, a co-production of El Canal, a dramatic comedy piece for all audiences that reflects on walking, knowing how to fall, on resilience, effort and survival. Their stay at El Canal will last until June.

The same will be done by the La Corcoles Company, formed by Mariona Moya, an artist specialized in balancing on a tight cable since 2009. After 12 years of experience, La Corcoles stands out for its way of understanding the body in element of the cable and in the balancing discipline itself. The company will take up residence with the work Carena, a co-production of El Canal. Carena is a waltz for two, a dialogue, a game, an oar, a spear, a relationship, a dependence, a complicity, a fight and an inevitable breakup.

Marga Socias & Els Mals Endreços are two companies that have joined in a new project: Orelles. They already came in April and are now returning to El Canal to continue working on this piece, a participative experience about listening, which invites the public to participate, to subvert listening, to make it infinite. The work is a co-production of the International Agency of Reality, Fira Tàrrega and El Canal with the collaboration of the Ü de Bac cultural center. The work allows the union of Marga Socias, who acts, writes, creates shows and seeks to create experiences for others, and Els Mals Endreços, a company that bets on an art of the unexpected, a democratization of spaces for culture and questions the limits of labels and cultural products.

La Moukhles & Sentís Company is formed by Miriam Moukhles and Joan Sentís, an artistic marriage of research and scenic creation. Their residence will serve them to work on their new project NODI (o la Invisible), a piece about the end of the counterculture in Catalonia based on the silenced testimony of Marisa Muñiz, a fighting woman, humble class, underground poet from the neighborhood of raval that experienced the libertarian Barcelona of the 70s.

Joan Català Carrasco is a restless artist with a curious look at the plastic arts, who is interested in movement where the body and objects are the communicators. His disciplines are circus, contemporary dance, gesture theater and clowning. Now he arrives at El Canal to work on Idiòfona, a piece that proposes a dialogue between man and matter and during which a large sound installation is built in the public space with the participation of the audience.

Finally, the Mal Pelo Company will arrive at El Canal at the end of the month with their new project Double Infinite. The Bluebird Call, a piece made from fragility, simplicity and love for the craft. Mal Pelo, with the artistic co-direction of Pep Ramis and María Muñoz, is a stage creation group that has developed its own artistic language through movement and the creation of dramaturgies. The work they will work on proposes a sensitive journey through the doubts about how we build our lives, our relationships and our place.

You can check all the residences this May on our Resident companies.

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