A new edition of the Dramaturgy Seminars is back, an initiative promoted by Jordi Casanovas and other playwrights from the regions of Girona. This year, the conference is organized around the motto “Imagine the dramaturgy of the future”. What are the forms, structures, literary or other narrative constructions that the dramaturgy of the future can work on? What are the themes, characters or contexts from which we can write the theater of the future? What is the relationship that dramaturgy professionals have with the creative process and how does the social, economic, political or personal situation intervene? How do all these factors affect the resulting creations and also the quality of work and the creation process?

In this new edition, it is proposed to organize these meetings on two November Tuesdays to be able to go even deeper into the debates that have started and to try to grow or polish some of the ideas that have appeared during conversations between professionals.

The dramaturgy days are professional meetings with the aim of sharing questions, ideas, visions, doubts or solutions to analyze recent dramaturgy, rethink the dramaturgy of the present and imagine the dramaturgy of the future. We invite you to be part of these debates for the pleasure of reflecting on drama and its writing.

These Seminars will take place on November 14th and 28th. The activity is free but places are limited so it requires a previous registration. More details in our agenda.

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