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Zirkus Frak is Jorge Albuerne. Born in Uvieu (Asturies) a year before the death of the dictator, he graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU) and since 1998 he has been training and practicing disciplines related to the world of movement and dance and has been part of companies such as Las Malqueridas or RaraAvis.

In the year 2000, the artist began specific training in circus disciplines, among them acrobatic lifts, mini volante and the Chinese pole. Albuerne has accompanied and coordinated creative processes in the roles of external gaze, direction, material search and writing. He has also created solo shows such as Señora!!!, KunFú (hundido), Anderdesí or Indomable. In addition, he has participated as a performer and co-creator in several projects collaborating with other creators such as Rosa Muñoz, Cecilia Colacrai, José Luis Redondo, Antic Teatre, La Poderosa, Les Antonietes, Circ Raluy, among others.

Albuerne has been part of several companies that have always tried to work from this interdisciplinarity between plastic arts, movement, circus and writing. Zirkus Frak was born with this intention. Currently, the artist continues in the tasks of interpreter, creator and stage accompaniment. In addition, he has experience in teaching, since he has given training in different centers in Europe, Mexico and Argentina.


Residency January – March 2024

“Once you get a clear feel for the basic premise, develop a few safety skills, and get your reflexes primed and ready, then you’re off. You learn by doing” Nancy Stark Smith

During many years—practically fifteen—, Jorge Albuerne gave his body to the practice of the circus discipline of the Chinese pole; not far from reaching excellence, but always offering his most passionate dedication, thousands of hours of sweat, hundreds of kilometers walked vertically, bumps, bruises, blood and burns. Shared dreams and that distilled phrase: “The mast eats human flesh”.

This project collects the sublimation of all that pain in seconds of timeless lightness, ephemeral suspension, aerial beauty, with a fleeting and at the same time inextinguishable success. That inner fire and that energy offered us the possibility of being immortal defying gravity and our bodies. This project is in the construction phase and for the moment there are only pages and pages of texts, action projects, countless images, doodles on several kilos of paper, some presentations with the public, countless hours in the studio and unpublished scores of loose materials of movement in the Chinese mast stored in the body waiting to be executed again.

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