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Vero Cendoya, born in Barcelona in 1976, combines her career as performer, teacher, painter, illustrator and choreographer. In 2008 he created his own dance-theatre company, Cia. Vero Cendoya, which is characterized by collaboration with artists from different disciplines such as theatre, painting, transformation, music, poetry or football.

For 16 years, Vero Cendoya and his team have been working firmly for the full inclusion of people with (dis)ability in the professional landscape and in the national and international arenas. Their main purpose is to transform the public’s view, and therefore society, on people with (dis)ability and to contribute to their visibility in the professional artistic world. To transform the social imaginary with respect to the “other”, and especially to people with (dis)ability, to contribute to generating a community with less of “others” and more of “us”. In addition, their shows have a strong social commitment, either through inclusive casting, through their themes of social protest or through their collaborations with vulnerable groups.

Bringing the inclusive performing arts to the big national and international stages are small successes achieved with the constant work of the Cia. Vero Cendoya, as can be seen in the case of BOGUMER premiered at Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona and later presented at HAU 1 in Berlin, or with ÓRDAGO A LA GRANDE premiered at Teatre Nacional De Catalunya. But also, the company’s great successes are bringing dance to such remote places as is the case with LA PARTIDA presented with volunteers from Argentine towns, or to disadvantaged neighborhoods in El Salvador, where a remake of the show was made with dancers and local footballers thus transforming the landscape through dance.

Vero Cendoya with KEBO again has Isra Solà, director of the Cia. La Calòrica, with dramaturgical help, Adele Madau in the musical composition that will perform live at the show, and Barbara Meneses joins the team in the movement, CUBE.BZ in the lighting design and stage space I Pau Aulí in the costume design. The group of KEBO performers is heterogeneous, ranging in age from 59 to 14 years old and with origins as diverse as Holland, Paraguay, Italy, Catalonia and France.

KEBO (mapa de la pell d’un cos)

Residency May 2024

KEBO (mapa de la pell d’un cos) is an inclusive dance-theatre project by Vero Cendoya, co-produced by Mercat de les Flors, El Canal de Salt and Circuito Claps d’Italia, which revolves around the Kintsugui philosophy. It is the second work in a trilogy that begins with the street piece CICATRIUS and will end with UNA BRILLANT IMPERFECCIÓ, a TNC co-production.

KEBO (map of the skin of a body) is a project that talks about the need for collaboration in different spheres and transits between the memory of the individual and collective body. A choreography that traces the collective scars.

In many eras and by recent events, we have been told that the body and any hint of it must be suffocated, that pleasure and pain must not be exposed and that the skin must be the last margin, the edge, where the subject must contain his sensitivity. A body without spots, without wounds, an immaculate body, is a body that has nothing to say. It is a body deprived of life and communication with the world. That is why with KEBO the company wants to return the value it has to the body and rescue it from oblivion and automation. KEBO is a celebration of the body and its memory.

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