Uku Pacha Company

Uku Pacha is a dance-theatre company created by Ariadna Grau and Ferran Gordillo with a strong transdisciplinary tendency. The core of their practice is research to enhance the imaginative scenic abilities of the performer, together with creation tools and improvisation methodologies. Their stage language focuses on finding an expression for the performers that oscillates between figuration and abstraction, finding a continuous expression that allows them to inhabit from theatrical situations to abstract movements without difference, allowing each to be a continuation of the other.

“Uku Pacha” is the underworld of Inca mythology. This world constitutes the timeless space of the unborn, of ideas not yet conceived, of dreams, death, and of all that is unknown. And the company’s conceptual work focuses on investigating our collective imagination, with special attention to the dark corners of the imagination.

Imaginary Sound

Residency December 2023 – January 2024

Imaginary Sound is a dance-theatre piece that immerses us in a sound worldview, from which to redefine the perception of the individual and our reality. With this work, we release the power that images have over us, working with sound as a deconstructive element of how we perceive and think. It is a tribute to stage sounds and their ephemerality, but also to another way of conceiving our existence, as transitory sounds, made of inaudible sounds and past sounds, granting a space to live the sonic spirituality that makes up our existence, where sound forms a fundamental space within the construction of reality.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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