Sara Manubens

Artist, choreographer and transvestite in Barcelona, Sara Manubens’ work moves between site-specific, performance and dance and focuses on trans-corporeality and its impact on reality. Graduated in the master’s degree in Performing Arts and Visual Culture (Queen Sofia Museum and ARTEA group), she has been developing her own creative processes since 2015. The artist designs and executes queer educational projects in different institutional programs and public schools, including Drag Kids (2020), a cross-dressing family session, or Teen Horror (2023), a horror film with teenagers. Manubens collaborates as a performer in projects by Cuqui Jerez, Pere Faura, Aimar Pérez Galí and Idoia Zabaleta and writes hand programs and critical reviews on dance and performance for the Mercat dels Flors Blog. Finally, the artist has also been part of the artistic collectives Teknodrag and MisiónDivina.

Symphony of the Seas

Residency December 2023

Symphony of the Seas is an emotionally unstable travesty rehearsing a major scandal. On the border between reality and fiction, Symphony surrenders her body to her latest fantasies, creating melodramatic scenes with a high visceral charge: getting emotional is a dissident act. Symphony is a body that transitions into its own hysteria while promising a great show that never arrives. The play is a study of the construction of language with hybrid tools that come from both dance and performance as well as transvestite practice and identity, an emotional study of love, violence and exoticization that the trans-female body receives.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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