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Palimsesta is a company born at the end of 2021 in Badalona. It is made up of Andrea Rodríguez, who comes from the world of architecture until later starting in the circus world, and Sergi González, a circus artist who also works with community creative processes. Both artists are determined to work on a hybrid scene that transforms their own circus practice. They come, among others, from the circus discipline of the perch and begin their work by modifying the size, position and main utility of the perch.

Rodríguez and González also work hand in hand, with gadgets, toys and the slippery environment, initially with water. This first phase of research already has the name of Masha, the company’s first creation, but little by little it loses elements until it is left only with the slippery medium, which is finally body oil. Masha has gone through many states until reaching the final state, which will premiere at the Mercat de les Flors in May 2024.


Residency February and March 2024

Masha is a stage experience from the circus that is presented in a space where we can observe ourselves, reflect and coexist. A piece in the form of a creative laboratory where we can collectively investigate and focus on some specific aspects of human relationships in the contemporary world.

The artists propose this premise from a very specific scenic device: a linoleum one meter wide by eight meters long covered with body oil, on which they develop a repertoire of movements and displacements.

Masha is a covenant with the committed body. A concept based on the repetition, for a long time and until exhaustion, of physical actions in a hostile environment. Artists use this formula to deliver common stories that oscillate between laughter and discomfort. The company is looking for the receivers of the piece to pivot between these two sensations and be able to recognize their human traffic.

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