Oriol Borràs

Oriol Borràs is a musician, physicist and circus artist, graduated in physics and astrophysics from the University of Bristol (England). His training in circus arts was at the Rogelio Rivel school and as a musician he studied at the Bruc Conservatory, with violin as his first instrument and piano as his second. Currently, he is researching electronic sounds.

His career begins with Soc la teva FISICAH, his first show that tried to explain physics through the circus. He has performed at places such as the Castilla y León International Circus Festival or the 2021 City and Science Biennial, among others.

Proxima centauri

Residency June 2023 and February 2024

Proxima Centauri is a project born with the aim of creating a stage piece where the dramaturgical structure is given by the phases of a star’s life from its birth to its death in a particular explosion.

The show combines astrophysics and childhood. The dramaturgical structure of the piece follows the phases of a star’s life from birth to death, drawing a parallel with the healing phases of a silenced childhood wound: collapse, balance, collapse and explosion, sparkle and blur.

The project combines astrophysics with circus, movement and electronic music through various elements: a cyr wheel, a floor full of leaves, two disco balls, water and a toilet.

These elements are used to weave the piece, taking as a guiding thread a personal experience: when a confused child becomes obsessed with astrophysics.

Resident show at Fàbrica Fabra i Coats and La Central del Circ, and which was part of the programming of Festival Z 2023. During the Festival, Proxima centauri spent a few days in residence at El Canal. In January 2023, the artist returns to the center to continue working on the project.

Header photo: Macià Massay

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