Non Sin Tri Company (Collectif PSM)

PSM is an initiative born from the desire to connect and share a very rare technique: portés on a unicycle (hence the name of the collective: Portés Sur Monocycle). For years, each of the three companies has invented figures and new moves on the unicycle that represent a challenge in itself. Each company from its corner of the world has tried, fallen, managed to balance on the hands, the head, the wheel, on the shoulders… Innovating and reinventing the technique for themselves.

Thanks to social networks, they discover other people who had the same idea of transporting the technique from hand to hand on a unicycle and they got in touch responding to the need to meet to share knowledge and help each other. The enthusiasm and affinity of this meeting was such that they decided to create a collective to deepen the technique of this discipline in a group and break the limits of the possibilities realized until now. A new goal emerged from this research: Ça-turne, a circus show where, for the first time in the current circus scene, nine people interact using unicycles as a base. In addition, thanks to the multicultural nature of the group (Catalan, Spanish, French and Brazilian), a happy mixture of languages and expressions is created that feeds their creativity.


Residència March and April 2024

Ça-Turne is a visual poem inspired by the phenomena of the universe. Its magnificence and its curiosities allow us to generate a movement that represents the way the largest and smallest elements of existence behave.

Seven bodies and three unicycles that rotate tirelessly lead us to connect with the constant movement of space and the cyclical experience of life through unicycle portages collectively.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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