Ninyas de Papá Company

Ninyas de Papá is a collective born with the desire to carry out scenic creations. As a collective, they like to think that they go beyond theatrical creation: they are researchers of the new contemporary scene, activists, music group, punk band and group of friends, but above all, they are four actresses who have found a speaker space and active transformation.

For the members, the dialogue with the autobiographical is very important, which always ends up becoming the political fact. They all think that life itself presents a scenic brutality and they like to start from this, to look for the simplicity of the things that surround them. They want their creation to be tinged with interest, research and desire. They work with images and the same dissemination of these. They have a vision of art in common and this leads them to share concerns, trends and themes that cross them from head to toe, and it is from here that they propose to create.

F.O.M.O. de mi funeral

Residency March and June 2024

F.O.M.O de mi funeral is an approach to death in the first and third person. With the intention of investigating cynicism, tradition and convention, the company invites us to witness their funeral ceremony. Instrumentalized by the Christian and capitalist system, the artists ask themselves what the concept of death means. They will flee from the transcendental so that we can enjoy the rehearsed performance of their de(function).

Let’s say we draw a line that we’ll call the specter of sinister transcendence or something like that. At one extreme, we find the most insignificant deaths, the end of a fly’s life or when you step on an anthill. At the opposite end, there is the substantial demise, the most important, which would be the thermal death of the universe or the collapse of life on earth or the death of God. Starting from this hypothetical line that systematically places the deaths on a scale of significance, where would mine be? I’m in the middle, closer to the extreme of the tiny fly or the big god, how much will my death matter to the world? My ashes will be forgotten on the hidden shelf of an apartment in Barcelona or will they become sacred powder that will always remember me, they will place me right next to the end of the world, between the extinction of man and the extinction of the animal?

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