Neus Mar

Neus Mar, singer and composer born in Palafrugell, started in the world of havanera in 2008 with Càstor Pérez, with whom he created the show L’essència de l’havanera. Both founded the Cubacant group together with Xiqui Ramon and the percussionist Enric Canada. The dissolution of the group a few years later led Neus Mar to begin her career as a solo havanera singer, thus becoming one of the few female voices of this genre to pursue a solo career.

Neus Mar offers a repertoire with its own themes, Mediterranean song and common genres of tavern singing, with an interpretation that departs from the traditional stereotypes surrounding the genre. She has performed on various stages throughout Catalonia, in Valencia, the Basque Country, Madrid, France, Luxembourg or Cuba, among others. Today, she has recorded three recordings and is currently the soloist of the show Trencadís produced by Cobla la Flama de Farners.

Dones de Sal

Residency August 2022

Dones de Sal is a music and dance show dedicated to the sea women of yesterday, today and forever, made with the participation of the Palamós Fishing Museum. The work was born to give visibility to the women of the sea world, the women of the past and the women of today, and also to claim the harshest side of the sea, the environmental and the migratory aspects. With this piece there is a threefold intention: to claim the role of grandmothers and mothers of fishermen, to raise awareness of the social and environmental disaster that the sea is suffering and to give visibility to the women who are currently working in the fishing world. All this is done based on the symbiosis between music and dance, body language joins the melody and lyrics to emphasize each message.

The music that accompanies the show imitates and recalls the sea – havaneres, singer-songwriting songs, Mediterranean and Latin music – and through it seeks to stir consciences, open horizons and unfold new perspectives. In this show, there is not only interpretive and musical work, but care has also been taken in the scenography with an adaptation of what were the old fish boxes, the light space and the audiovisual material that places and transports the public through several videos.

The team behind Dones de Sal is headed by Neus Mar herself, who provides the voice, the idea and directs the piece, accompanied by Montse Canals, who is also in charge of the dance. Pep Rius made the arrangements and plays double bass accompanied by Sónia Zurriaga on accordion and vocals, Emilio Sánchez on guitar and vocals and Enric Canada on percussion. The company’s technical team is Pep Arumí and Jordi Borrell.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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