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Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol are stage creators and performers. They work at the borders of different disciplines such as dance, architecture, theater or opera and their fields of political and social influence. The artists have a very strong commitment to a place that for others is just passing through; being on the edge and not at the center of things is an ideological position. Their stage practices create languages and develop something energetic and empathetic: they use humor, absurdity, repetition and music to bring live arts to all audiences with the intention that they go out doing the conga and repeat what have seen later at home.

The artists have been working together since 2009 collaborating with theaters, art centers and festivals in Europe and Latin America.

Danses Romàntiques

Residency April, May and June 2024

Danses Romàntiques intends to investigate the relationship between music, space, body, movement and action in the construction of meaning and the making of fictions.

The project focuses on romantic ballets such as La Sílfide, Giselle, Coppelia and Raimunda and their music such as Chopin, Delibes, Rimsky-Korsakov, lyrical, exotic, magical, sensual, ethereal and mysterious music of romanticism. These traits led to the staging of stories populated primarily by spirit women, fairies, somnambulists, and ghosts who enslaved the hearts and senses of mortal men. What other stories can be told now without the costumes, without the sets and without the body of the ballet? How to redefine this musical genre from the point of view of action and the contemporary body? How to write and choreograph in relation to the music from its phrasing, its cadence, its accent, its repetition, the expectation and the suggestion? How can we approach dance, not from the intention of explaining or narrating, but opting for a dance with autonomy in terms of the production of language and meaning?

In this ballet there will not be a story to understand but a dance and actions that will say and mean. It will be the precision of the movement and the clarity of the action that will add meaning in the background, letting the body speak.

The company’s stay in El Canal will serve them to test scenography and staging elements. The company will gradually bring together the entire team during its residency in order to start working on the more technical part, the scenography and the costumes of the piece.

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