Maria Coma

Born in Barcelona, Maria Coma is a musician, singer, composer, pianist, performer and creator. She is also a certified movement educator in Body-Mind Centering®.

She began her career by building a solid solo musical career, with five published albums, more than 400 concerts in Catalonia, Spain, Germany and South America and collaborations with a wide variety of artists. She moved to Berlin, Germany where she immersed herself in vocal practices in polyphonic vocal music and became involved in performing arts, movement arts and performance. These new influences enriched her approach to music, and her current work is influenced, not only by music, but also by sound art, performance, movement arts and polyphonic vocal music.

Her artistic practice is guided by self-exploration from physical and experiential experience. Creates and stimulates voice and body practices to develop a multipurpose, decolonized and physical vibrational language. As a voice specialist and somatic movement educator, she has collaborated with dance companies, dancers, performers, musicians and other artists, accompanying creative processes, giving voice advice, composing or acting as a singer. Her first piece of public sound art was Bodylandscape (Cospaisatge), exhibited at the Santa Mònica Art Center in Barcelona, as part of the group exhibition “The Tradition that crosses us”.

Koro | Vocal Roots

Residència març 2024

Koro | Vocal Roots is a piece of new scenic languages, originating from the investigation and research of the human body as a fundamental instrument. A hybrid piece, which rests at a meeting point between movement, music, sound art, technology and performance.

Three performer-singers will unveil the seductive sound discourse of the decolonized human organism; living organisms navigating between friction and pleasure to rediscover the vast wisdom and capacity of the human voice.

In the search for roots, origin and belonging, Maria Coma has been investigating the human voice in relation to the human body: the voice to be rooted in taxation and vice versa. Based on this research and the creation of vocal and physical practices, she has composed the original music for this show where all this theme is expressed.

With the influence of the work of the choreographer and dancer Naïma Mazic (who has the role of movement and dramaturgy assistance), a polyrhythmic language is also applied between sound and movement that nourishes the rhythm piece and acts as a counterpoint to the whole the melody and harmonic part.

For the live show, we will work with three performers: Elena Tarrats, Maider Lasa Santamaría and Maria Coma, and a deployment of microphones, pedals and lighting that will form the scenography where these bodies will display their musical and rhythmic potential, from taxation, structure and matter that make up the human body.

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