Marga Socias & Els Mals Endreços

Marga Socias acts, writes and creates shows. She likes stories and especially likes to tell them. She starts from everyday life, from its cracks and what she does, due to its complexity and extent, is unclassifiable. But there is one constant: she seeks to create experiences for others. This has led her to travel around the world participating in various stage proposals and expanding to all imaginable corners. And the game continues. She works both in her own shows and in collaboration with other companies.

Els Mals Endreços get the description of their aesthetic proposal from Pere Calders’ short story entitled “La nota única”: “It was, in an inaccurate and precise way at the same time—miraculous alliance—, an exception that did not confirm any rule, a world premiere absolute”.

The declaration of principles that guide the work of Els Mals Endreços is based on a double bet. For an art of the unexpected, to be able to be where you are not expected, to develop an artistic guerilla technique, to act by surprise. And for a democratization of spaces for culture, freeing cultural expression from prior appointment, from posters, from specialized rooms (and audiences), returning to the places where the possibility of subverting what reality forces them to be. Questioning the limits of labels and cultural products, halfway through the concert, performance, improvisation, contemporary creation, the exploration of new techniques and the very old minstrelsy adventure.

Els Mals Endreços was born in 2013 and since then they have collaborated with Cia. El Paller and Cie. Marie est de la nuit. They have been invited by La Volta, Rizoma, Ü del Bac, El Fast and were about to play at La Fira del Senglar d’Osor.


Residency April and May 2023

Orelles is a participatory experience about listening. Sound, music, noises can connect us with memories, images, atmospheres or stories. Sound moves and moves us. But when a sound crosses us, what remains of it inside us? And, if the world is full of sound, why do we add more? Can the day come when no more sound fits?

The research of ORELLES (Organisme Rural d’Exploració Lliure d’Escoltes Singulars) invites the public to participate, to subvert listening, to make it infinite. It is a show-concert or a concert-show where in a caravan known as “The-human-shell-of-music” two musicians interpret material of their own authorship while a researcher analyzes each piece and the form in that this can be heard. The work is a co-production of A.I.R Agència Internacional de Realitat, Fira Tàrrega and El Canal Center for the Creation of Performing Arts in Salt-Girona, with the collaboration of the cultural center Ü del Bac.

The creation process of Orelles begins in October 2022 at the headquarters of the cultural center Ü del Bac. From here, different meetings follow to work on the musical and dramaturgical approach, until arriving at the residence in Tàrrega at the beginning of March to put all the materials worked on into play. At the El Canal residence, the focus will be on two different aspects: in April, in the finishing room, sound and lights will be worked on, and in May, in a diaphanous space closer to the concept of street space, the balance will be sought between all the materials generated until then, the more focused scenic proposal and the dramaturgical one worked on.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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