Manel Rosés

Manel Rosés Moretó is an acrobat born in Barcelona and trained at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (DOCH). He bases his work on the body and play and is interested in essentially human themes. By putting the body in a game situation, either in relation to the object or the situation, he seeks to extract the human part of the acrobat that makes us identify with it as an audience. He believes in the power of the circus to communicate directly and in its ability to reach all kinds of audiences in a transversal way, regardless of origin, age and social class. That is why in his pieces he always aims for simplicity to communicate in the most direct and transversal way possible.

Since 2010, he has combined the creation of his own numbers and shows with work as an acrobat and performer in shows such as InTarsi by the Circo Eia company, Dèsdemona by the Ofelias company or Escalada by Cirque du Soleil. In 2016, together with Nilas Kronlid, he creates his own company Soon Circus Company. Gregaris, the company’s first show, toured and is still touring all over Europe. The show has won some awards such as the Audience Choice, Stora Teatern Gothenburg 2020 or the audience award of the Mostra de teatre d’Igualada 2022.

Akri (άκρη)

Residency March and May 2024

άκρη (ákri) is a Greek word that translates as threshold or boundary. It forms the first part of the compound word ακροβασία (acrobatics). This can be translated as “walk on the limit” or “walk on the threshold”.

Ákri is a circus solo of an acrobat and a ladder that explores the concept of “threshold”. The staircase, which in this show is both circus apparatus and scenography, represents a passageway between two spaces and at the same time symbolizes a trade and a way of life.

How do we live the time that passes between two moments? How do we inhabit these non-places that, like a staircase, are not meant to be inhabited? How do we walk through the threshold?

The singularity of the project lies in the mix of disciplines: theatre, object manipulation, acrobatic movement and clowning.

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