Malsai Productions

Emerging theatrical company exploring and creating a hybrid stage between text and live sound, intertwining words with music.

Engaging the audience as an integral part of the stage space, involving them in the action and fostering a shared present.

“Anomaly and Exception” (2022), a small adaptation of Pirandello’s novel “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” (2023), and “Hush, Judith, Hush” (2024) serve as the company’s introduction.

Working in traditional venues and unconventional spaces, they extract the most essential, delicate, and human part of themselves, shaping it to share with all who join us.

Malsai Productions, led by Maria Cambil de Tena, Clàudia Ferrer Carreras, and Carles Vidal Ramos, in collaboration with other wonderful artists.

Calla, Judit, calla

Residence june 2024

The protagonist, Judit, is portrayed by Clàudia Ferrer, delivering a monologue that evolves into a dialogue with the audience, accompanied by the sound created by historian and musician Carles Vidal.

In the skin of a young woman with a child’s heart who refuses to be consumed within the walls of the textile factory where she works, she advocates for the importance of spiritualism in modern social revolts and female empowerment movements.

However, the space she occupies makes her uncomfortable. Judit and her dog, Duc, observe crows that both flap their wings vigorously and remain still, immobile with a piercing eye watching everything.

“Calla, Judit, calla” is a dialogue, a confrontation between words and the accompanying music that caresses, uplifts, pushes, and disturbs her.


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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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