MALSAI Produccions (Festival Z)

MALSAI Produccions are an emerging company with a production on tour from 2022, Anomalía y Excepción, and a monologue adaptation of Pirandello’s novel, Un, ningú i cent mil (this one is in the process of being created. A show at The Eleven House in December 2022). Right now the company is at the beginning of its new creation process: Calla, Judit, calla.

The company is made up of: Maria Cambil de Tena, director, playwright and actress, Carles Vidal Ramos, long-time musician who combines music with the production of cultural events, Clàudia Ferrer Carreras, stage creator and actress, Pep Arumí, technician of lights and designer of light spaces.

MALSAI Produccions works with an eco-feminist rhythm to avoid falling into productivity, over-exploitation of art and themselves, giving themselves space for care. Its aim is to combine different languages and artistic knowledge, without hierarchy and always in favor of creation.

Calla, Judit, calla

Residency May and June 2023

Judit was the one who tried to understand the world she lived in while spending her hours in a factory, listening to dialogues about new ideas – feminists, anarchists, spiritualists… – which eventually generated a radical transformation in her way of life face life. Judit was the one who, like many others, empowered herself and tried to lead a change towards a better world. Judit was the one that many others still are today: confronted, infiltrated, schooled in a system that, after the illusion it generates, has been getting bigger and bigger and passing over all those we have tried to ‘stop it

Shut up, Judit, shut up is not a monologue, it is a dialogue, a confrontation between the word and the music that accompanies it, the caress, the lift, the push and the disturbance.

The show is part of the Festival Z 2023 program.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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