Les Valkiries Company

Les Valkiries arises from the need of three students (Núria Dalmau, Alba Latorre and Paula Guerrero) from the Institute of Gesture and Physical Interpretation Theater to work and discover even more the world of theatrical improvisation and gestural theatre.

There are three fundamental pillars that convey their need to make theatre: the collectivization of creation and the generation of artistic stories from the prism of the collective; the construction of a scenic discourse that accompanies the audience’s ways of looking; and resistance. Dedicating yourself to the theater combining schedules with other jobs, without material or financial resources is difficult. To make theater and enjoy it, you must always resist.

The company pursues dramaturgical rigor and the physical and symbolic exploration of the theater, and unites them in their friendship, respect, commitment to the theater and the multiple ways in which it stretches the gaze. As a company they value continuous learning and mutual support.


Residency July 2023

In 2021, the company starts a scenic exploration laboratory around fabrics and the body, giving rise to the piece PLECS.

PLECS is a theatrical investigation around the universe of pleats. It was born as the final work of the studies of the members of the company. From there, they have continued with the concrete and abysmal exploration of the concepts of folding and unfolding. It is a piece of physical and visual theater that has a ladder and a 25 meter white uncut canvas for all the scenography.

This piece is the meeting point of three women on stage who navigate through a sea of fabric and look for a way to survive. A succession of movement possibilities based on the simplicity of the fold, which aims to address such complex themes as the passage of time, the cyclical and perverse fate of the historical narrative, censorship or wounds; through movements always related to the act of folding: tense, relax, contract, dilate, compress, stretch.

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