Las Lo Las Company

Las Lo Las is a multidisciplinary artistic company that was created in 2010 and offers self-created shows based on collective creation processes. Its components also make up an artistic association with the same name that aims to accommodate different types of shows and artistic projects.

The association is founded by Meritxell Cardellach Barba, Montse Canals Rabasseda and Jaume Tans, all with an extensive background in the performing arts in disciplines such as aerial and contemporary dance, flamenco, interpretation, dance-theatre, design and installation of aerial assemblies, among others.

In 2023, the company expands the components of the association with Ruth Alemany Pertíñez, Nuri Babot Riera, Marta Culla Prades, Natalia Entrocassi, Paulina Fariza Guttmann, Neus Mar and Gisela Vicenç Pasqual, additions that will accommodate different artistic disciplines and outline a dynamic of joint and collaborative creations.

The creations of Las Lo Las in recent years have had a clear feminist and social intervention approach in order to give visibility to the role of women throughout history and today.


Residency july 2023

Travessa starts from the motivation and concern of Ruth Alemany Pertíñez, Nuri Babot Riera and Montse Canals Rabasseda, to create a performing arts project based on social intervention to make a journey through sexist violence, from a feminist point of view, resilient and empowering.

With this residency, the company begins the documentation phase of the work. Based on different readings, documentaries and professional and personal experiences, Ruth Alemany, Nuri Babot and Montse Canals come up with the proposal for meetings with groups of women and professionals to add these experiential accounts to the written or visual documentation. The meetings will be recorded and the material will be used as a source of inspiration for the stage creation process and for the creation of a documentary.

The company also proposes to do body and movement work with the group, creating a space of trust so that the participants let their bodies speak and move to new physical, emotional and mental states.

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