La Taimada Company

La Taimada works with the body, dance and movement in search of the beauty of human fragility. La Taimada grants privacy and gaze. It offers a – perhaps uncomfortable – position of vouyer to the viewer. Their works present fragility, tenderness and also the rawness of human actions. These are works that challenge the viewer by generating dilemmas, internal ethics and own thinking.

The company was born in 2004 with a solo by Olga Álvarez inspired by the work La Taimada by the painter Egon Schiele. In 2015 it was reformulated in a stage of co-creation and co-direction between Olga Álvarez (Performing Arts) and Jordi Cabestany (Visual Arts), provoking a new focus on the gaze, the image and the internal movement of bodies.

Since 2013 they have created Crash (Fid IPAM Festival Grec 2013 and Recommendation of Xarxa Escena 2017), El Vuitè Dia, La Mort (Creation at CND de Madrid 2014), (Piece selected for Balla’m un Llibre 2016 and the Metropolitan Fortnight 2018), Oblea (Danseu Festival 2019) and Filia et Fobia (1st Prize of the Madrid Choreographic Competition 2020 and Dance on Stage 2021).

They are currently working on a trilogy inspired by the Jardí de les Delícies del Bosco called The Garden. During 2020-2021, the first work of the trilogy was created: Infern within the Aliansat program, with the collaboration of Fabra i Coats, El Graner and the Teatre Municipal de Terrassa. In 2022 they are chosen as resident company at the Graner to create El Jardí, the second piece of the trilogy. And in October 2023 El Jardí will be released in co-production with Mercat de les Flors

El jardí

Residency june 2023

During its stay in El Canal, the company will do a technical residency to work on El jardí and the technical production, the construction of the stage space and the lighting ideas of the work.

They are looking for a look capable of thinking and integrating space and light as a single thing. They think of light atmospheres that, rather than limiting, blur the margins. The idea is to recode the space on a non-material level, but on a light level.

This space will need a major transformation to eliminate the materiality of the stage and turn everything into white, light, ethereal and steamy. An interaction of lights with the concept of the earthly garden. A white and luminous concept to the eye, green to the senses of smell, intangible and vaporous in the atmosphere.

The essential aromas of cut grass that wants to be vaporized will give the note of the color green at an unconscious level in the viewer. The most material part of this garden will be the bodies of the performers who will gradually fill the stage, with their movement, their compositions and their sculptural component.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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