La Planeta – Verbatim Cycle

The Verbatim Cycle is a project of Sala La Planeta that aims to promote the creation of shows that start from real stories and the voices of their witnesses.

Documentary theater today becomes a necessary space, as opposed to a reality surrounded by artifice. A slow-burning reality, to be felt and reflected upon, not to be entertained in the form of fireworks.

Sala La Planeta is an independent theater in Girona born in 1987 that offers a stable program throughout the year. It has established itself as a reference room in the Girona scene, especially in terms of small and medium format productions.

Com qui sent ploure

Residency august – september 2023

Com qui sent ploure is the tenth show of La Planeta’s Verbatim cycle and is a co-production of El Canal and La Nave Va. David Martínez is the author and director of this play.

In the retinue of Moctezuma, emperor of the Aztecs, there was always a young man who held the position of priest of the Aztec god of rain who had the exclusive function of listening and interpreting the sound of the rain, since they believed that the god of rain sent them messages through each downpour. The Spanish conquerors were so surprised by its busyness and abstraction that it ended up being the center of their mockery. “The one who hears rain”, that’s how they called him and that’s how this expression has come to have its current meaning.

Com qui sent ploure tells us about excess, about wanting more and more without limit in the name of progress, of not planning, of having a logic of capitalist bulimia, of free buffet, of eating until you drown, of running out of oxygen, of abusing a body, of collapsing it… Of human stupidity, of spiritual crisis, of disconnection with ourselves, with our roots and with nature.

The text is the result of research carried out over two years in relation to the ecocide that is taking place in the Mar Menor lagoon in Murcia. To carry out the research, more than 30 interviews were conducted and a wide bibliographic and documentary base was collected to dive into the waters of the Mediterranean with the challenge of learning to listen to the rhythm of silence, of learning to listen to the messages of the rain.

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