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La Moukhles & Sentís Company is formed by Miriam Moukhles and Joan Sentís, an artistic marriage of research and scenic creation. The alliance is born from the synergy of working together in the first two creation shows: Les millors ments de la meva generació and La intérprete y los inimitables, el viaje del Duende. So far, their methodology has been based on a vital impulse and a desire to understand the environment, which is always linked to research work and questions that pass through the sieve of artistic language in order to begin deciphering them. In each project, they are surrounded by professionals and artists with whom they want to work and who become part of the company.

NODI: de gossos i “malditos”

Residency May and September 2023

NODI: de gossos i “malditos” is a creation process of documentary self-fiction based on the figure of the “damned” (as Pau Malvido called them), understood as the one who puts the established, the norm, in crisis. It is a personal conjecture about how freedom became an engine of change in the 70s and gave the possibility to an entire “delusional” generation to imagine and play. It is also a story of how the subsequent disenchantment hid the political power of the more libertarian movement of the Counterculture during the Transition.

The show starts from the fascinating narration of the actor Joan Sentís based on real experiences of those who lived that time in Catalonia. Of those who survived like Marisa Muñiz or Pau Riba. Of those who couldn’t, like Pau Malvido, Claudi Montañà or Toni, the former owner of Nodi. And so many others.

The project is an original idea from La Moukhles & Sentís. It has direction and dramaturgy by Maria Donoso and Albert Boronat. It is played by Fermí Herrero, Miriam Moukhles and Joan Sentís. The scenic space is designed by Miriam Alemany. The show is a co-production of El Canal and has won the first prize of the Laboratorio Tísner 2023 Cotxeres Borrell and is supported by the Department of Culture, Terrassa Performing Arts, Teatre Kaddish de El Prat, Casa Orlandai and the Z Festival.

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