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The Corcoles Company is Mariona Moya, an artist specializing in tightrope balancing since 2009, the year the company was founded. After 12 years of career as an artist specializing in this discipline, with a very personal stamp, La Corcoles currently stands out for her treatment and her way of understanding the body in the cable element and in the balancing discipline itself . Mariona Moya wants to continue researching and innovating in this discipline in order to develop her creative side on the stage with the aim of producing pieces to be shown to the public. Its purpose is always the search for movement on cable and it deals with the discipline from the point of view of movement and dance, understanding this place, the cable, as another space to inhabit and transit, seeking to open new paths along this line.

The company opened with a solo, Gris, which mixes the discipline of balancing on a tightrope with dance-theatre, object manipulation and visual poetry, a piece that led the company to tour during six years in the programming of the most outstanding circus and street arts festivals. La Corcoles continues to bet on poetic language without ceasing to take risks and evolve into circus figures. The protagonist is not the prowess or the technical execution, which are also present, but the proximity, the poetics and the suggestion of the images in the scenes. A proposal for all audiences, risky, intimate and delicate. In 2019, Isaac Lucas joined the company as a technician and also contributes to the idea of staging both technically and artistically.

The second piece, H, awarded this year 2024 at the circus awards of Catalonia Zirkolika as Best Street Circus Show 2023, has been created at El Canal in the company’s 2023 residency.


Residency January – April 2024

“The emptiness of the abyss is indeed a fullness” – Explorers of the abyss, Enrique Vila-Matas

Running along a jagged ridge of a mountain with emptiness on either side. The gaze does not see beyond an icy and vertiginous cliff, I keep running and my breath is the only thing that envelops my ears.

This is Carena, a duel of the artist with herself. He dares to play, to betray himself, to be mad, and even to be defeated by the thrust of the very spear that made him dance.

A proposal where the sharpness of emotion as an interpreter deeply interrupts the scene and how the true protagonist embraces the most refined technique of tightrope walking and turns it into a beautiful duel with the technical element of this discipline: the see-saw .

Carena are the Tibetan trumpets that throw a millennial sound over the valley, howl like a wolf does at the moon and at the same time understand the night or make it darker. The artist howls, screams and sings from the ridge so that the echo of the sound returns to her and hits her again. Carena is the last journey towards the cliff, up there where the pilgrims leave their crosses forever, the Sherpas the colorful banners in honor of the gods, where oxygen ceases to exist. And up there, like the blades of a mill or the lights of a lighthouse, the protagonist’s voice will resound to leave its mark.

Pre-premiered in October 2023 at the Ona Dance Festival, the piece is a co-production of El Canal and Fira Tàrrega Territori Creatiu. The seed of Carena started in 2015 with the discovery of the specialty of tightrope walking. The company excels in the treatment of tightrope walking for its groundbreaking and contemporary perspective on the discipline, theatricalizing it especially in this piece where it seeks to generate a deep and moving artistic experience for the public, in a visual, emotional and reflective journey. This discipline of the classic circus is treated here from the point of view of movement, seeking, beyond technique, a vital path and scenic plasticity.

Carena will premiere at the next edition of Fira Trapezi and will go through the Festival Grec in Barcelona, the Dos Canais Festival in Portugal, the Escènit in Girona, the Esbaiol’at Festival in Esterr d’Àneu before its passage through Fira Tàrrega 2024.

In this piece he approaches and connects with the emotional background of the classic Miguel de Cervantes, not in a literal way, but finding parallels between the act of tightrope walking and the struggle with the internal challenges of the protagonist. Embodying choreographically and through the use of stage space and drawn elements, the metaphor of giants as the own fears and abysses of this “Don Quixote” tightrope walker.

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