La Conquesta del Pol Sud Company

La Conquesta del Pol Sud is a theater company founded in 2010 in Barcelona by Carles Fernández Giua and Eugenio Szwarcer. At the beginning of the company’s journey, interest is focused on a contemporary drama that raises current issues and that involves a challenge for research on stage language. Between 2008 and 2011 the company has the opportunity to experiment with texts that bring together social content and the need to look for new scenic forms. This interest will lead artists to look for new formats and to get closer to reality as theatrical material.


Residency January 2024

Where can we find visions of the human being beyond the market and consumption? What places and cultures are resisting global capitalism? These questions function as a starting point for this show, which continues the investigation begun with Guardianes del corazón de la tierra into the voracity of capitalism.

The assembly is a fresco that contrasts the ideas of Buddhism with economic hyper-development and the current ecological crisis. As usual in the language of The Conquest of the South Pole, the proposal combines the dramatized individual experience with journalistic research. The coexistence of the two plans seeks to relate individual experience to collective and global history.

The work combines image, word, movement and objects, straddling documentary and stage poetry. Consistent with its route, the company proposes a journey through the ideas of cultures far removed from ours. Research brings together study and analysis with the excitement of discovering new territories and new ways of seeing the world.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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