La Bleda Company

La Bleda is a theater-clown company for all audiences. It was born in 2001 by its creators, Helena Escobar and Pere Hosta, who usually work with other professionals in their projects. After a career of twenty years, the company has consolidated itself in the family theater of Catalonia.

Their career consists of the following shows: Mon petit souvenir (2020), Les vacances de Madame Roulotte (2019), SuperBleda (2016), Tut-turutut la princesa (2015), Maduuuixes (2010), Una paradeta particular (2006), PalplantadaBleda (2004), Histoires de la Bleda (2001).

Com els pingüins

Residency April – November 2023

Com els pingüins of La Bleda is a co-production of El Canal. The piece is a dramatic comedy based on real events and starts from the personal experience of the creator, Helena Escobar, actress and clown.

Doctors, hospitals, operations. They are words that scare us or that we don’t like. But we are lucky because they help us live. Com els pingüins we will see someone who, thanks to doctors, hospitals, operations and her survival instinct, finds her particular way of relating to the world.

With this work, the company makes a change in its way of doing things. In a risky and personal proposal, she shares with the public his multiple vicissitudes between scalpels and operating theaters to tell us something that really happened to her. And he will do it, as always, from humor, because laughing at ourselves is the best medicine.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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