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Born in 2016, the company Uku Pacha is formed by Ariadna Grau and Ferran Gordillo, both graduates in performing arts from ERAM, with the desire to investigate and deepen the field of physical theater and contemporary dance. The company focuses its research around the technical and interpretative hybridization between theatre, physical theater and dance.

In 2018, they developed in different workshops their working methodology through improvisation as a creative engine that culminates in the creation and direction of a collective work called Fumando espero… (L’Apocalipsi), premiered in the Sala La Planeta in Girona. In the same year, they also premiered El que es veu als ulls d’una bèstia and in 2019 they participated in different research workshops in Buenos Aires. During 2020 they developed, directed and participated in a series of creative research workshops in non-conventional spaces, culminating in the exhibition of different pieces in spaces such as Tona Castle, the surroundings of the Sau marsh and Sant Martí de Querós. In 2021 they premiered Nunc Stans where they continued to investigate the hybridization of physical theater and dance with a technical and plastic atmosphere as a dramatic medium.

Nunc Stans

Residency April 2022

An “I” on the run, losing itself, searching for itself, escaping and returning to itself, dematerializing. The play traces the idea of self and identity to the edge of solipsistic existence with the use of a single voice that comes out of a gramophone operated by nobody. In the space of the piece, the unity of consciousness of the self disintegrates, an infinite number of autogenous sentences shape the identity of the protagonist and throughout the work the perception of the unity of the self is disfigured, erased, undone. Meanwhile, the body on stage moves to the rhythm of this textual fabric and the different sound devices that distort the space (a gramophone, a telephone, the omnipresent voice itself).

The work is an exploration of the reality behind the concept of identity. What is hidden under the appearance of the self? The void. Our negative. Our shadow

The project follows two lines of work: the interpretation and the aesthetics of the creations. The interpretative work involves extracting a language that arises from the symbiosis between dance and physical theatre, also through improvisation, listening and the relationship with another body, space, music and text. On the other hand, the scenic composition is generated from atmospheres. The company seeks to generate a moving image, an atmosphere, a sensation, an impalpable and subtle representation that evokes.

The team behind Nunc Stans is made up of Grau and Codillo who have created the show together, Ariadna Grau who has acted as an interpreter and Ferran Cordillo who has been in charge of the direction. The sound space is of his own creation and the costumes were made by Kretona.

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