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Capaiespasa is a company founded in 1993 and directed by Ángel Amieva. Capaiespasa has created more than twenty action and comedy productions, it was in charge of directing the specialist shows of Universal Studios Port Aventura in Tarragona and Warner Bross in Madrid. In 2004 the company threw itself into the theatrical creation of comedy, mime and gesture, among which Clak! has received important recognitions.

Clak! 2

Residency September 2022

With the idea and artistic production of Capaiespasa, Clak! 2 is a visual, cinematic and interactive humor show, where onomatopoeia, gestural humor and the evocative power of film music are the tools to represent and parody the most famous scenes in the world of cinema. The play has no words, is intended for all audiences and is characterized by its energy and humor. The films that moved us on the big screen appear here in a comedy key.

Three actors take on the role of multiple characters and create surreal and humorous plots. Estíbaliz Barroso, David Moya and Ángel Amieva are the three performers of Clak! 2, Cesc Barrachina has been responsible for the lighting design and Sergi Rodriguez for the sound design. Rosa Ibáñez has taken charge of the wardrobe, Mr. Wong from props and Cesc Barrachina and Mikel Cobos are the light and sound technicians of the play.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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