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The Doctor Alonso Company, directed by Tomas Aragay, theater director and playwright, and Sofia Asencio, dancer and choreographer, wants to build a language that finds one of its fundamental keys in the concept of displacement, of placing something outside of its own place, scope or space in order to investigate how this displacement modifies language both in terms of its constitutive grammar and in terms of the reading that an observer can make of it. In other words, to move to reveal something. This displacement maneuver has been revealed as an effective tool for generating spaces of poetic discourse that questions the status quo of our understanding of reality.

The team behind Hammamturgia‘s research and stage work consists of: contemporary dancer and creator Kim Kidows and Beatriz Lobo, coming from the world of fine arts, painting and musical training. The Serrucho collective has been responsible for the video creation, CUBE for the lighting work and Miguel Ángel Martínez has accompanied the project as researcher and curator.


Residency February 2022

This stage project starts from the concept of hammamturgy and the desire to build a hammam inside the stage.

The hammam is the heat produced by the play. For this reason, if the dramaturgy is the action of creating, composing and interpreting a work, hammamturgy, on the other hand, refers to a relationship with the atmospheric conditions that produce the transformation of the work-form. If dramaturgy is linked to a story and an author, hammamturgy, on the other hand, has to do with what happens, without the need to have a dramatist who prescribes certain actions. Hammamturgy is what happens, what is marked by the conditions of the environment.

With this project, the challenge of the Doctor Alonso company is to understand the theater as a hammam, a position that forces us to pay attention to the life that lives inside the theater and to become caretakers and transformers of this vital space. For this reason, the stage space, understood as an atmosphere shared between performers and audience, is built and transformed throughout the work. At the root of the project is the desire to create an environment where actors and audience can meet, interact and elaborate the discourse of the artistic event.

The project is based on the corporeality of bodies and objects and how they move in space. The choreographic work is central, it abandons any temptation to create a narrative logic and is accompanied by the transformation of the scenic, lighting and environmental space.

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