Daniel Fernändez Company

The Daniel Fernändez Company is made up of a multidisciplinary artistic team that creates a unique scenic language with questioning and research always present. With each project they seek to find a particular language and a different creative process, a fact that makes it very difficult to define the company.

The artistic direction is in the hands of Daniel Fernández (Barcelona, 1980), trained at the Eulàlia Blasi Ballet School and the Nancy Tuñón Theater School in Barcelona. He has a diploma in choreography at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and he completed his studies at Movement Research in New York.

This work features: Morgane Michel, Leonardo Jin Sumita and Julia Rauch as performers, Roberto Fratini Serafide as playwright, the text was written by Marc Villanueva i Mir and the musical composition is by Pablo Carrascosa Llopis. Macarena Palacios has been in charge of the lighting and the design of the space, Núria Milà has designed and made the costumes and, finally, Sergio Chianca of Burokultur and the Daniel Fernández company have taken charge of administration and production.

Première communion de jeunes filles chlorotiques par un temps de neige

Residency February 2022

Première communion de jeunes filles chlorotiques par un temps de neige is a contemporary dance show where three performers – three bodies – play with the creation of a dystopian world starting from childhood, milk and children’s games, elements that appear distorted and fragmented but always linked to the color white and innocence. The final objective of the piece is to understand the operation, depth and meaning of the color white in an image, in an object, in a work of art and to reflect on the technical, chemical, iconographic and symbolic problems that revolve around this color. The white monochrome understood as a code and as a creative engine for the research and development of new languages and new ways of being. The piece revolves around a desire to delve deeper into the problematic of nothingness, infinity, the idea of emptiness and the innocence of the color white.

The piece incorporates different artistic languages: contemporary dance, cryptic text and dialogue referring to memories and feelings, and music that functions as a harmonious soundscape that subtly evolves throughout the piece.

The work is a co-production between the Center Chorégraphique National Rillieux-la-pape de Lyon and the Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona and has been made with the collaboration of the art center of Lyon RAMDAM, of Le Pacifique, of Center de Développement Chorégraphique National Grenoble Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Center National de la Danse Lyon and La Chapelle Sainte-Marie, other creative centers where the company has had the opportunity to do residencies before arriving at El Canal.

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