Clàudia Cedó Castillo

Clàudia Cedó is a psychologist, theater director and playwright, creator of the Special Scenes project and trained in forum theater and theater of the oppressed. She has worked as a psychologist in the penitentiary field at the Department of Justice and in the field of drug addiction. As a social educator, she works at the Fundació Autisme Mas Casadevall.

On the other hand, Cedó has an important career as a playwright and theater director that dates back to 2011. In 2015, she won the 5th Catalan Dramaturgy Tournament of the Temporada Alta Festival in Girona with DNI, she was a resident playwright at the Sala Beckett in 2018, in 2020 she won the Premi Butaca for best text with Una gossa en un descampat and with Mare de sucre she won the Best Direction category of the 2021 TeatreBarcelona Awards.

Mare de Sucre

Residency September 2022

Mare de sucre is a show with an inclusive cast that tells the story of Cloe, a twenty-seven-year-old girl with an intellectual disability who wants to be a mother and must confront her family and the community’s incomprehension in a fight for her rights that ends up becoming a clumsy rebellion against an unfairt situation that has taken away the guardianship of its own body. The main character faces the laws of men to achieve her desire to be a mother but the journey makes her doubt herself: would she be a good mother? Are all disabled people incapable of coping with motherhood?

Mare de sucre wants to reflect on the treatment we give as a society to people with functional diversity, the assimilation of the jurisdiction of their bodies and overprotection as an excuse for taking away their freedom of decision.

The process of creating the work has put on the table the importance of adapting the creation processes to the needs of each person, extending the rehearsal period, modifying the text to more comfortable words for each one and understanding everyone’s rhythms. The timings of a professional staging could not be applied in a show with an inclusive cast and respecting this was a social responsibility of the creator and the team.

Mare de sucre is a play written and directed by Clàudia Cedó and produced by Escenaris Especials, a foundation that has been making theater with people at risk of social exclusion since 2006. Andrea Álvarez, Ivan Benet, Marc Buxaderas, Mercè Méndez, Judith Pardàs, Maria Rodríguez and Teresa Urroz are the performers of the work and Berta Camps the assistant director. Laura Cros was in charge of the scenography, Bernat Grau of the costumes, Lluís Rubirola of the music and Luis Martí of the lighting and sound. The entire creation process and rehearsals have been accompanied by social educators Juli Palacios and Carla Balaguer. The work is a co-production of the National Theater of Catalonia, the Diputació de Girona, the Josep Botet Foundation, the Support Foundation and La Caixa Social Work (Banyoles).

The play premiered on May 13, 2021 at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and later stayed at El Canal for a technical residency.

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