Carlota Grau Bagès

Born in Reus, Carlota Grau Bagès, scenic and audiovisual director, playwright and writer, has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Rovira i Virgili University and the University of Lleida and studied the master’s degree in Television Innovation and Quality carried out between the University Autònoma de Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University and TV3, where she specialized in screenwriting and television fiction production.

In 2021 she completed her higher studies in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and has participated as a playwright and assistant director in different shows such as Reiseführer directed by Ferran Dordal and La Ruta 40 (Teatre Lliure, 2019 ), Nu from the company Animal Religion (Ateneu Nou Barris, 2018), Conversations with my womb by Núria Planes (Antic Teatre, 2019) and was in charge of the dramaturgical assistance of Si estiguéssim soles a l’Univers seria una gran pèrdua de temps from the BigBouncers collective (Mercat de les Flors, 2019).

Grau has also acted as director of her own stage creations such as Wash my soul or Deixar de ser bona persona és fàcil si saps com (Factoria IT, 2018). As an audiovisual creator, she co-directed the short film La Ballarina (2013), accepted at several European festivals, and, together with Brisa Luque, created the series BigBanc in 2010.

In addition to being a playwright and stage and audiovisual director, Grau is also trained in contemporary dance and urban dance and has performed in several stage and audiovisual projects.

Tsunami or something’s gonna happen tonight

Residency September 2022

The show Tsunami or something’s gonna happen tonight is a scenic creation project that starts from questioning and deconstructing what are the mechanisms to generate the discourse of fear and what capacity does this have to modify the perception of our reality, in a context like the current one where fake news constantly bombard us and society sees its existence constantly in danger in the face of the accentuation of natural disasters or the rise of fascism.

The tsunami is the metaphor of an apparent calm behind which something is brewing. The project focuses on the collective experience of fear and how it manifests itself on an individual level in one’s own body, and wants to reflect on the discourses of fear to the other, to what escapes us. The look proposed by the show is an ecofeminist perspective aimed at the empowerment and responsibility of the viewer as a social agent.

It is an interdisciplinary project that moves between the theater of objects, contemporary dance, performance, animated cinema, between reality and fiction. The show intends to create an immersive device to create false expectations through a sensory game between visual, sound and spatial perception. As stage narrative strategies, humor, suspense and magical realism are mixed.

Tsunami is a creation of Carlota Grau with the collaboration of Xesca Salvà, in charge of the scenic space, Anna Rovira, in charge of the lighting space, and Anastàtica cultural in terms of executive production. In addition to the collaboration with El Canal, the project also has the artistic accompaniment and co-production of the TNT Festival, has received the research and innovation grant from the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and has been awarded a scholarship by the Ciutat Barcelona Awards during 2020.

Tsunami took up residence in El Canal to prepare the premiere of the show at the TNT Festival in October 2022.

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