Carla Rovira Pitarch

Carla Rovira Pitarch has a degree in Interpretation from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. In 2015 she premiered her first solo creation Most of all, you’ve got to hide it from the chicks, winner of the Aplaudiment a la Creació Emergent 2016 of the FAD Sebastià Gasch Award. From there, she has been involved in a project almost every year: While the Machine keeps on running (2016), a show about the sinking of the Sewol ferry that left 304 young people dead in South Korea; Aüc, el So de les Esquerdes (2017) with the company Les Impuxibles; MÀTRIA (2017), a show that reflects on historical memory from a family perspective; and Calla, Hamlet (2018), premiered at the Temporada Alta Festival, among many other projects.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Residency July 2022

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a project created and performed by Carla Rovira that deals with the concept of success in pregnancy and maternity processes from the creator’s personal experience.

The pregnancy success model makes infertile people, perinatal deaths, torture pregnancies and babies with malformations invisible, thus creating a binomial between success and very marked failure. With this project, Rovira sets out to build a common narrative from the performing arts where all these multiple realities around pregnancy can be brought together in order to appropriate all these experiences and offer a more global and realistic vision of motherhood . The work makes the difficult union between gestation and motherhood, two very idealized concepts, with pain, suffering, death, disability and malformation.

The piece is configured as a traveling show and an installation inspired by visits to museums, those places where we live an experience that we try to capitalize on with a souvenir that awaits us at the exit. In the case of a gestation process, it ends with a baby—or more—that capitalizes on the rest of the experience. If there is no souvenir, if there is no baby, it is not a success.

The show is led by Carla Rovira, author, creator and sole performer of the work, and accompanied by scenographer and multidisciplinary artist Manoly Rubio Garcia and producer Aina Bujosa Díaz.

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