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Atrebandes was born from the artistic and personal encounter between Mònica Almirall, Miquel Segovia and Albert Pérez Hidalgo. They met at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and, from there, all three decided to start a joint project that was born in 2011. Influenced by an indigestible amount of disciplines and references specific to Western culture, the group is characterized by a single constant in its projects: advocating for a laboratory theater where the creation process is fundamental. Good understanding is one of the vertices of this triangle, but so are doubt and uncertainty. Their drive is to question everything around them.

Aspecte global d’una qüestió

Residency June 2022

Different stories unfold around the same space, a bedroom, in the form of memories and experiences rooted in the most everyday. Five different people have lived in this same bedroom and the room is loaded with the experiences of its inhabitants who leave their mark on it.

Aspecte global d’una qüestió wants to be a work inspired, mainly, by the text “Deux cent quarante-trois cartes postales en couleurs veritables” by Georges Perec and by the graphic novel Building Stories by the American cartoonist and writer Chris Ware. These two references mark the character of the work: establishing a dialogue between extraordinary and everyday events, between reality and fiction, to generate new lines of thought in the viewer. The company wants to stage Perec’s proposal to observe the common fact with perplexed eyes.

The play attempts to transfer the language of the graphic novel to the stage by using the simultaneity of scenes and the use of frames on the floor as a parallelism of the vignettes. The creative work puts the focus on the performer and their ability to generate scenes from improvisations. The spectators, for their part, throughout the piece must practice the so-called voyeur’s patience to reconstruct the meanings of the actions so that the authentic event is revealed in the dialogue between time and subject-object looks, show-audience, voyeur-object of desire.

In the work Aspecte global d’una qüestió, Mònica Almirall, Miquel Segovia and Albert Pérez Hidalgo act together with Mariona Naudín and Nicolás Carbajal. Albert Boronat was responsible for the dramaturgy, Ana Rovira for the lighting design, Pau Masaló for the scenic space and Adriana Parra for the costumes. The work is an artistic production of Imma Bové and Atresbandes and a co-production of the Greek Festival of Barcelona, the Fall Festival of Madrid, Cielo Drive and Atresbandes.

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