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VIVES! is a joint creation project of the Las Lo Las association with the help of a multidisciplinary artistic and technical team. The team is made up of: Gisela Vicenç i Pasqual, in charge of the selection of texts and who, together with Montse Canals and Natàlia Entrocassi, have led the creation of the dance, interpretation and rhapsody. Xavi Molina was in charge of the musical composition, Marta Culla did the photographic monitoring and Art Estudi did the tasks related to the stage space, the lighting and the projections, the costumes and the graphic material

They were also part of this project Ruth Alemany, hard-working student and entrepreneur, Paulina Fariza Guttmann, writer, translator, literary critic, editor, singer and vocal technique teacher, Alba Alfageme Casanova, psychologist, teacher, trainer and supervisor specialized in male violence and the perspective of gender, and Montse Colomé, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.


Residency January 2022

“I want to see everything. See to be able to explain”, Neus Català

Expected to premiere in 2022, the show VIVES! began to be created with the death of Neus Català in April 2019. The work wants to be a tribute to the women who fought, who survived as victims of Nazism and who ended up explaining their raw experience in the concentration camps. The piece is a collection of these voices often forgotten by a history written by victorious men. They are vindicated as victims, but also as fighters and resisters.

With a task of documenting written testimonies, the show unites different artistic disciplines: it includes dance, interpretation and rhapsody of narrative, poetic or essayistic texts, as well as musical creation, lighting design and an important work with graphic material.

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