Andreu Casadellà

Andreu Casadellà i Oller (Anglès, 1994) is a circus artist specialized in washington trapeze and clowning. The artist is interested in putting, in a playful way, the high technical level of circus at the disposal of the scenic event. Absurdity and the need to laugh at oneself are recurring tools that Casadellà uses to create direct communication with the viewers.

In 2020 together with Daniel Esteban they create the Seon Company and premiere the show Infinit. At the same time, he has also worked with different contemporary tented circus companies such as Plume de Cheval or Akoreacro (Dans ton coeur).

During his training he went through the Carampa Circus School in Madrid and the École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels. He has also received Michel Dellaire clown technique classes with different teachers such as Fanny Giraut and Christophe Thellier.

Tota pedra fa paret

Residency February 2024

Tota pedra fa paret is a Washington clown and trapeze show.

There is a delimited and dangerous stage with a person in charge of making sure that no one enters it or touches anything. Even he himself is forbidden to enter. Ropes, pulleys, more than 130kg of iron, a washington trapeze, a 7.20m high structure and the waterfall technique (the art of the accident) cause the weight of your body to stumble and fall into the gear

Here they will begin their balances within a system that is in balance and imbalance with the intention of correcting all the mistakes. His modest willingness to return to leaving things as they were is as great as his little trace. Lucky that he will be able to count on the dexterity and courage of the public.

The present moment can become very absurd, but we often want to hide it, we are ashamed to show ourselves. This show brings to light these small moments of stupidity that we have all felt and experienced (more or less often), somehow this also makes us human.

From the beginning, Júlia Clarà Badosa co-directs this system from the outside. Her role as co-creator is fundamental to building and modeling the piece.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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