Andrea Pellejero

Andrea Pellejero graduated from the Institut del Teatre in 2019 on the visual route. It was during these studies that she and several colleagues came together and created Las Huecas, a group with which she has co-created Projecte ’92 (Antic Teatre) and Aquellas que no deben morir (Festival TNT 2021). She has directed works such as Cartografia del cos estrany by Maria Jové in 2019 and the following year he founded the Monte Isla company which premiered with Allí donde no estamos, among other projects. As a professional, she is interested in the periphery of the arts and in the most essentialist version of theatre: craft as an analogue technique of fiction. One of her goals is to decentralize contemporary theater in cities.

Andrea Pellejero is the creator of the project Solo vine a bañarme, a piece that she started as her final thesis in 2019, which premiered at the Sâlmon Festival and which has taken up residence at El Canal.

Solo vine a bañarme

Residency February 2022

“If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you,” Friedrich Nietzsche

Solo vine a bañarme is an artistic project born from a personal experience of the creator Andrea Pellejero Corral: a panic attack while she was bathing. Panic to disappear, fear of the void, of nothingness, a feeling that has stayed with her and that, due to the intimacy and sensoriality it implies, she has only found the dramatic art as a way to explain it. Solo vine a bañarme was born from the need to share the intimate experience related to the fear of dying and takes as its starting point the bathroom, a place where, between water and nudity, one finds herself.

The work explores and creates its own language where self-fiction, the dramaturgy of the image, time as a tangible material, the void as a creative space, scenic arts understood from a visual perspective and where new dramaturgies are explored.

The team behind the play is made up of a total of thirteen people, including Andrea Pellejero, creator, director, playwright and performer; Úrsula Tenorio, co-director; Alba Latorre, interpreter; María Castillo, Rut Girona, Gaia Bautista, Adrià Girona and Andreu Martínez, in charge of scenic, dramaturgical and visual support. Rut Girona is the producer and photographer of the project and, in addition, and together with Hannah, Josep Carreras and Pellejero herself, they have been in charge of the construction and the aesthetics of the stage space. The musical composition was done by Adrià Girona.

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