The company Las chicas del barro has started an artistic residency in El Canal to work on its project Cos(i)ficades. Their stay at the center will last until the preview of the show on February 4th.

The piece is a space to reflect on the bodies we inhabit. Bodies that are given to us, that we did not choose and with which we are committed to live a lifetime. A show based on clay, circus, dance, theatre, live music and humour, transports us to a universe where we can talk about the body without taboos.

Las chicas del barro is a circus, dance, theater and clay company formed by Tanit Mora (Barcelona, 1991) and Irene Fernàndez (Alicante, 1988), two women who come from the world of arts, social education and psychology . That is why, above all, their project seeks to make people feel good about their own bodies, working through two disciplines: the performing arts (theatre, dance and circus) and social action (experiential workshops ).

“We need to reclaim our bodies as political spaces from which to promote diversity and collective self-esteem”

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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