We have good news: we have a new resource that will allow any user to explore El Canal virtually. If you have never come to visit us and want to know which rooms we have and see our facilities, you cannot miss this virtual visit. It will allow you to walk around the various rooms of the equipment, as well as go up to the upper floors. You will discover the entrance, the finishing room, the rehearsal room, the office area and much more. The resource is intended to be a complement and to help especially those companies that are interested in coming to stay at El Canal and need to get an idea of the rooms to know which one will fit best with their project.
The application allows the user to move through the corridors and rooms of the center, easily change floors and at the same time, see a 3D view of the building, as well as a zenithal view of the plan of each floor. In addition, it has a measuring tool that allows you to know the distance between the desired points.
The resource is available in the Spaces section of our website. Check it out here.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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