From April 24 to 26, Marga Socias & Els Mals Endreços will take up residence in El Canal to work on their new show entitled Orelles, a co-production of El Canal. They will be in the finishing room to work on sound and lights and will return later, in the month of May, and will have a diaphanous space closer to the concept of street space to find the balance between all the materials generated until then and with a more focused stage proposal and the dramaturgy worked on.

Orelles is a participatory experience about listening. Sound, music, noises can connect us with memories, images, atmospheres or stories. Sound moves and moves us. But when a sound crosses us, what remains of it inside us? And, if the world is full of sound, why do we add more? Can the day come when no one else fits?

The research of ORELLES (Organisme Rural d’Exploració Lliure d’Escoltes Singulars) invites the public to participate, to subvert listening, to make it infinite. It is a show-concert or a concert-show where in a caravan known as “The-human-shell-of-music” two musicians interpret material of their own authorship while a researcher analyzes each piece and the form in that this can be heard.

The members of this show are: Marga Socias, in charge of creation, direction and interpretation; Pau Marcos and David Codina, in charge of sound creation and interpretation; and Thomas Roper, who designed the scenography for the show.

You will find more information about the company and the show here.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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