About us

El Canal is a Center for the Creation of Performing Arts specialized in live arts and focused on the community of artists linked to Girona and Salt’s cultural life.

Located in La Factoria Cultural Coma Cros de Salt, the center is at the service of the local and global professional and performing community to welcome all kinds of artistic forms, creative disciplines, experiential practices and experimental processes.

El Canal aims to be a space for exchange between professionals and artists and a meeting place for the multiplicity of artistic profiles and disciplines in the performing arts world, paying special attention to dramaturgy and the circus.

From a local and social awareness, the center works by networking with other entities in the sector and in the territory and aspires to become a reference facility in northern Catalonia and southern Europe.


As a creation center specialized in the living arts, El Canal seeks to encourage and promote the performing arts at a professional and community level. The project is built on three core ideas: to promote the local scenic creation and production, to support the artistic training and to create an integrated scenic community in dialogue with the demographic reality of Salt.

Keeping the professional sector in mind, El Canal puts at their disposal the call for grants and residencies, hosts productions and co-productions and supports scenic creation through artistic accompaniment and by making its equipment available to the scenic group, its technical team and its spaces so that the community of artists can create, develop or polish their creations.

El Canal also programs activities such as open rehearsals, exhibitions, conferences and meetings organized by the resident companies and training workshops that complement the city’s offering. These activities seek to encourage reflection on the performing arts and to create a space where knowledge and experiences can be shared, bonds are forged and cooperation and dialogue are stimulated in the field of the living arts.

El Canal Values


From the artistic point of view, it is sought to be able to awaken sustainable views of the world and creative practices. The final will is to embrace the creative potential of sustainability to discover and support new ways of acting, thinking and creating.


El Canal opts for an intersectional approach, focused on the artists community linked to Girona’s cultural life and the demographic richness of Salt. The aim is to integrate the different disciplines and scenic profiles while encouraging diversity, dialogue and interaction with the city’s multicultural environment.


Aiming to be a center of reference for the performing arts world, the project takes on a double view, from the inside out and from the outside in. The aim is to make El Canal a place to welcome international perfoming art practices and at the same time a place from which to project local activity abroad.

Cultural Rights

The Channel looks after cultural rights and the participation of citizens in the cultural and scenic world in order to make culture accessible to the community and affordable and acceptable for the professional sector. The center seeks to promote equality and non-discrimination among minorities and the most vulnerable groups, while favoring open and inclusive participation in the performing arts.

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Plaça de can Patrac, 1
17190 Salt, Girona

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